Press Release

For Immediate Release

November 15, 2022


Contact: Jim Griffith
 Pat LaMarche


Carlisle Chamber Event to Benefit Charles Bruce Foundation Memorial Blanket Project

Local Merchant Combines Meet and Greet with Community Outreach


    Thursday, November 17, 2022, at a planned mixer for the Chamber of Commerce, local proprietors, Jim and Karen Griffith, will share information about an event scheduled for the West Lawn of the US Capitol this December. The Griffiths will also provide opportunities for Chamber guests to contribute to the non-profit event.

    “We’ve been amazed by the effort that is going into this national event – especially after seeing the work that went into last year’s regional event here in Carlisle,” explained Jim, who also happens to sit on the board of directors of the foundation. “I’ve participated in some of the planning. Our stores have provided a drop off site for donors supplying yarn to the volunteers making blankets for perfect strangers. It’s truly a herculean task to coordinate hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours for a one-day event.”

    Chad Bruce, foundation founder who named the 501c3 charity after his late father expressed gratitude to Jim, Karen and all the staff at Create-a-Palooza, “They really get our mission. Jim’s a tireless member of the board. He helps us help others. He focuses on the arts. We’re especially excited that local superstar, Vince Yarnell, will be playing at a chamber event that highlights the work we do in the arts community.”

    Create-a-Palooza will be accepting donations to help the foundation create a 9000 sq. ft. display of handmade blankets on the west lawn of the US Capitol. The event takes place on homeless memorial night – the annual event to recognize the folks who live and die on the street. “Raising awareness is so important. But it’s more than that,” added Jim, “afterward, every one of the blankets go to someone in need. I mean, this project really makes a point. On the longest night of the year, how can you forget that there’s someone living out there – in the cold? How can you? I can’t.”


More information about the Charles Bruce Foundation Memorial Blanket is available at