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Monday, September 12, 2022

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Pennsylvania housing advocate invites donations of blanket squares for the Homeless Memorial Blanket Project

• The Blanket Project is collecting blankets for a display on the West Lawn of the Capitol in DC on Dec. 21, followed by distribution to people experiencing homelessness.

• People across the US with sewing, knitting, crocheting, and quilting skills are invited to join the project: Find a state at

A housing advocate in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, is encouraging people across the US to send squares to be assembled into blankets for the Homeless Memorial Blanket Project (

Amy Neurohr is urging contributions of knit, crocheted, or quilted squares with the intention of creating as many blankets as possible for the Blanket Project as a way to involve others who might not have the time or resources to make entire blankets and quilts but would like to help.

Ms. Neurohr, a nonprofit consultant and founding member of the Blanket Project, conceived the collaborative blanket idea with the intention of creating as many blankets as possible for the Blanket Project.

“My grandmother taught me how to knit and crochet when I was six. I don’t know how many blankets I have made in my life, but they were all made with love to keep someone warm. I hope the recipients of our blankets will somehow feel that they are loved,” said Amy Neurohr.

The Blanket Project is gathering blankets for a display on the West Lawn of the Capitol on Dec. 21, followed by distribution to families and individuals without adequate housing.

“If you can’t make a blanket, you can help by purchasing supplies. If you can’t make an entire blanket, you can make one square, or a few. We are happy to assemble all of the squares we receive. If you can make a complete blanket, know that it will be a treasure to someone who is experiencing homelessness,” said Ms. Neurohr.

The blanket dimensions are 45″ x 80″. Squares can be 6″ x 6″ or 12′ x 12″. Those interested in contributing squares can either send them to

St. Stephen Evangelical Lutheran Church
30 W. Main Street
New Kingstown
PA 17072
Attention Amy and Rev. Matthew

Those with questions can contact Pat LaMarche at

“This is the core of what we are about and why we do the ministries we do,” said Rev. Matthew Best, pastor at St Stephen. “Our mission statement states: we respond to Christ’s love by feeding those who hunger in body, mind, and spirit. That happens when we eat a meal with someone in our community, walk alongside someone trying to get into housing, or make blankets to raise awareness about the challenges of homelessness of our neighbors, providing a space for artisans to send their square is just one small part of our commitment.”

Organizers of the Homeless Memorial Blanket Project are aiming for a total of at least 500 blankets, contributed by participants in every state and territory, for the display on Dec. 21 with the goal of raising public awareness of people without adequate housing.

When the display is disassembled, the blankets will be distributed to families and individuals in dire need during the winter.

The project has participants in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. Volunteers in each state are being asked to make at least 100 blankets, providing ten for the Capitol Lawn display and donating another 90 or more to outreach programs in their area. Typical blankets dimensions are 45″ x 80″ and 60″ x 80″ with a variety of fabrics, fibers, and colors.

The Homeless Memorial Blanket Project is hosted by the Charles Bruce Foundation (, which is located in central Pennsylvania. The Dec. 21 display will be an arts installation by this nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

Anyone interested in participating can sign up for their state at


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